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Over 60 Years of Community Service 


"The teachers at the Forest School have thought carefully and deeply about fostering children’s growth along all the important criteria. Through the Forest School, our child has developed independence, a great curiosity regarding plants and animals, an overall sense of connection to nature, the ability to relate to his peers and to resolve conflicts; creativity in both problem solving and artistic endeavors, and the ability to assess risks in an age-appropriate way. We’re very grateful that our child was able to participate in such a wonderful program."

Han Lee, 2021-2023 Parent

Forest School is available to families with a current Family level membership or higher. 
To become a member, visit our Individual and Family Memberships page.

2023-2024 Full Year
9:30-2:00 pm Daily
September 11, 2023 to June 14, 2024

Seasonal Afternoons 2023-2024

 Monday/Wednesday  Tuesday/Thursday
3:30-5:30 pm   2:30-4:30pm
 Ages 4-7 Ages 3.5-5
 Fall 2023  Fall 2023
 September 11 to December 13 September 12 to December 14
 Makeup Days: December 18 & 20 Makeup Days: December 19 & 21





Winter 2024

 Winter 2024
January 3 to March 20  January 2 to March 21
 Makeup Days: March 25 & 27 Makeup Days: March 26 & 28




 Spring 2024  Spring 2024
 April 8 to June 5  April 9 to June 6
 Makeup Days: June 10 and 12 Makeup Days: June 11 and 13





Forest School follows the Tenafly Public Schools calendar for days off over the course of the year.

Please note: TNC is not a licensed child care center and is not licensed as a New Jersey child care center.

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