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Wishes Fulfilled

Passenger Pigeon Display Renovation

TNC owns a rare taxidermy specimen of the extinct Passenger Pigeon that is housed with other birds in a glass container. It is quite old and needs an experienced taxidermist to restore it and place it in a portable display case. It will be then used to illustrate the impact of extinction in education programs. Thanks to Sheila Rizzo for making this possible.

Main Trail Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of the main trail has been funded by matching funds from our trail volunteer Peter Tilgner and a local anonymous foundation and donors at our live auction at the 2018 Annual Dinner.

    DeFilippi Shelter Roof 

    Replacement of the roof has been funded by donors at our live auction at the 2017 Annual Dinner.

      Pavilion Walkway - January 2017

      2017 Welington Gomes, President SJ Pools and Landscaping donated supplies and a two-person crew to repair Tenafly Nature Center’s Brick Pavilion walkway. The pavilion path began to sag over the past several years as the result of a disoriented driver who drove down the path to the pavilion in their motor vehicle. The path is now like new.

      Butterfly and Pollinator Garden - Spring 2016

      TNC renovated the wildlife garden and rechristen it the Butterfly and Pollinator Garden. Upgrades including irrigation, a new state of the art deer enclosure and plants. The Butterfly and Pollinator Garden is a 45 by 66 foot area next to the Redfield Building (Visitor’s Center). The renovation was made possible through a combination of grants and donations. 

      Wish sponsors: 

      • Chang/Yang Family (in memory of their mother Shiu-mei Yang) - Deer enclosure 
      • Suez - installation of a water line to the garden. Installation of a backflow preventer, main line, and three quick couplers for irrigation of the garden.
      • Elaine Silverstein (a horticulturist and naturalist) divisions from her native plants collection.
      • The project is also made possible by our wonderful volunteers including graduates of the Master Gardener Program.