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Butterfly House

Each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day (weather permitting) our 12 x 24' butterfly house filled with native butterflies. Our butterfly house offers visitors a total immersion experience for the young and old as it introduces visitors to the wonders of metamorphosis. 

Butterfly House Scheduled to open this season on Saturday May 26th, 2008. It is then open from Wednesday through Sunday and Closed Monday and Tuesday.    It will be closed on Memorial Day, Forth of July and Labor Day.  

This seasonal exhibit showcases several beautifully colored butterflies sipping nectar and taking flight, offering guests the opportunity to better understand and appreciate their life cycle and importance to the ecosystem. Inside the exhibit you will be welcome to chat with staff or volunteers, ask questions, or simply relax and enjoy the space while butterflies flit and fly about. See if a butterfly will land on your nectar stick or just watch them fly around you as they move between nectar plants. Observe butterfly chrysalis in the chrysalis box. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see a butterfly emerge!

Contact our Pollinator Coordinator Priscilla Jara for more information.

Visitors are encouraged to show off pictures of their visit on social media using the #TNCButterfly #Tenaflynaturecenter

Interested in encouraging butterflies in your yard? This document lists nectar and host plants for NJ butterflies and moths.